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I was new to the idea of using a doula and was nervous about having someone I'd just met being a part of my delivery experience. I thought it might be awkward, but working with Amara was far from that. I contacted her when I was 29 weeks. She responded right away and willingly became a helpful part of my pregnancy. I'd text her with the most random questions and she always answered and never made me feel bad for it. My delivery didn't go as planned. I labored for a fairly long time and my contractions were indescribable, but Amara was beside me every step of the way and kept me motivated when I felt like giving up. I remember one position she had me in to motivate the baby to engage more. I absolutely hated this position but she encouraged me that it was for the best and stayed by my side the entire time. No one else has seen me in such a vulnerable state besides my husband and she cared for me with so much love and patience, I will never forget it. My delivery ended up being a c-section. Amara was still by my side during the transition to the hospital. After delivering my baby I was pretty sad that our doula experience was over, but also overjoyed with our new baby and super thankful for his delivery. I was so excited to text [Amara] pictures of him. Having someone help bring your baby into the world is such a blessing and I'm forever thankful!

Naimah C.

All I can say is how amazing Amara is. I was new to midwifery care and didn’t really understand what a doula did in that kind of setting compared to a hospital. The moment I met Amara we clicked. I didn’t know how much I needed her until the time came when I went into labor. When I went into labor she arrived immediately after I arrived at the birth center. She came ready to do her thing. She coached me through my contractions keeping me leveled headed talking in between and even laughing. She advised me on positions to help me advance through my labor. Her experience as a mother and an amazing doula who has given birth multiple times in the same way knew all the right things to do and say.  Her guidance made my birth journey unforgettable. Thank you Amara!!

Evita R.

Amara is a gem, truly. During my first birth experience, I did not choose a doula. However, given the fact that I had more stress going into my second birth (thinking of my first child at home) I chose Amara to be my doula. She helped me from the time that I arrived at the birth center, until I was in bed snuggled up with my husband and our second baby. Amara chatted with my husband and I during my contractions and joked to make me forget the roughness of the experience. When I wasn't in a laughing mood, she still stayed by my side and waited until I needed help. Once I was done with labor, she ran to the store to get me a soda and even took the very first photos of my husband and I with our newest addition. Amara is Amazing. She has excellent bed/tub side manners and made me feel so comfortable and I know that she will do the same for you!

Jenna M.

Amara is the reason I was able to accomplish my birth goal. It was truly an amazing experience that I am confident would have been impossible without her support and encouragement. She was such an integral part of our intimate family experience and will always and forever hold a special place in our hearts for all her help during my pregnancy, but especially for her aid in my delivery.

Rachel O.

Amara has the innate ability to read a room and fall into place, as if she was perfectly placed there. She was everywhere we needed her to be during our birth. She is a wealth of knowledge regarding this sort of thing. She answered all of our questions, gave us great advice, and her mere presence had a calming effect on the room. Coming from a first time mom who considers herself quite private and battled with even getting a doula, this meant literally everything.

Jessi B.

It was an absolute blessing to have Amara at my birth! My labor progressed very rapidly and Amara brought me such a sense of calm when things felt very chaotic. During transition, she was able to give me the confidence and reassurance I needed when I felt I couldn't go on. I would highly recommend her to any expecting parents!

Lillian L.

Asking Amara to be a part of my birthing story is one thing that I will never regret! She took the time to meet outside of my appointments to sit down and have a bite to eat like an old friend. We laughed and chatted and she shared not only a lot of her previous  doula experiences, but also her personal experiences as a mom. Getting to know Amara on a friendly, personal level, alleviated a lot of my first-time mom nerves and made it more meaningful when she was there as my son was trying to enter the world! Amara also joined us for appointments when the covid restrictions were lifted. When it came time for me to give birth, I could easily get in touch with Amara, whether by phone or text, to discuss the exciting signs of labor. Her presence was so helpful and she was up for whatever I needed in the different moments, matching the vibe with either peaceful encouragement or taking on the hype-person role! I can specifically remember how amazing the pressure on my low back felt as she coached me through many contractions.  She never showed any judgement, remained positive, and continued to make me laugh the whole time we were together. Amara was born to be a doula!

Sarah B.

My experience with Amara was one of a kind. She was a God-send to me and my wife, Brittany, during my labor and delivery and even my pregnancy. As a first time mom I had no idea what to expect or even signs to look for as I came closer to my son's due date. She was constantly reminding me that I was doing a great job, that my body was made for this, and that Adrian was going to be here soon. Having my due date come and go she was right there every time I sent her a text wondering if maybe this was time. She checked up on me and was not overbearing but answered any questions or calmed any uncertainties I had. She shared her birth experiences with us and during labor was right there and made me feel so comfortable. She even heard the few times I said to my wife "I can't do this" or "Let's just go to the hospital." She would always say "Heaven, you got this and you're doing great." I cannot believe how blessed I was to have her there with me the whole 31 hours of labor. I texted her super early in the morning knowing I was in labor and she responded helping me stay calm and telling me to just let my body work and try to rest a few hours. Later I let her know I was heading into the birth center and she was literally walking in right behind me ready to help me conquer it all. I was extremely tired and restless and she was always there giving me water, helping me position, and encouraging me. She even helped my wife be more hands on and that was extremely helpful to me. Amara is super soft spoken and just the sweetest person I have ever had the honor to meet and I could not have asked for a better person to be there with us during that time. She made my birth experience one I will never forget and made me super excited to do it again. I will always recommend her to others and I will always choose her when I have more babies. I could never thank her enough for everything she did for us.

Heaven M.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help with David Michael's birth. It was so wonderful to have your guidance, support, and expertise as we navigated the natural birth process. Your style as a doula was just what we needed and we will forever be grateful!

Angela A.

Sweetest, most caring woman you'll ever meet! Was there while I needed her the most! Amara's presence alone is very calm, kind and gentle; which brings a great deal of relief while enduring such pain and discomfort. I was so thankful to have Amara there with me during my birthing process and hope that she'll be able to attend many more with me!

Sophia T.

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