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Spinning Babies® Parent Class

“Comfort in pregnancy and ease in birth”

As a Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator (SpBCPE), I am now offering Spinning Babies® Parent Classes in one of two ways: a group class with a small number of parents, or one-on-one instruction in a private setting.

In labor, your baby needs to pass through the three levels of the pelvis. The Spinning Babies® Parent Class will help you learn about the ligaments and muscles that can positively support, or hinder and restrict, the levels of your pelvis. Spinning Babies® promotes comfort in your pregnancy, as well as the potential for an easier labor and childbirth. In this class, you will learn: daily activities that will help restore balance in your body and pelvis, the Three Balances℠ for use during pregnancy and labor, ways to open the three levels of your pelvis for easier rotation of your baby in labor, and more!

After class, you will also receive a Pregnancy Activity Guide, a Daily Activities Checklist, and the Parent Class Companion eBook, which contains detailed pictures and information directly from my class! The class costs $80, is about three hours long, is available to you once you are at least 20 weeks pregnant, and does require a partner.

**Reach out to schedule a class**

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